Well, Do you know HTML/CSS? I don’t know about website coding. If you like me, without a coding knowledge I’m going to show you how you can create an awesome contact form on your WordPress website.

Okay, if you want to add a contact form to your WordPress website then you have no alternative solution instead use a plugin.

I tried some of the plugins but that didn’t work well for me. Finally, I installed “Contact Form 7” and I realize this is a really awesome and easy solution for creating any type of form on my website.

Peoples are using this plugin for creating contact form along. But, i discover that you can create any type of forms like Contact form, Schedule, Manual order and etc.

Whatever i am writing this post for giving instruction to setup that plugin properly.

So, let’s get started…

How to setup contact form 7

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Well, by installing that plugin you have to log in to your WordPress admin panel and go to the plugin section. Click on the “Add New” plugin.

In the right top search bar type “Contact Form 7“. You will get a lot of plugins. Select Contact Form 7 and Install and Active that plugin. So, now the plugin installed successfully on our website.

Create a new form

So, after installed the plugin our first task will create a form. Check out your ​WordPress admin panel left-bar you will see a new menu added called “Contact”. Just click on that menu and click on the “Add New” form.

Here you have to create a form including your desired fields and hit the save button. You will see a new short-code created for that form.

In the form edit section, you will see an option for “to“. Here you need to enter your valid email address because, when anyone will fill out the form and hit the submit button where the information will be processed.

Just copy that code and go to your page or post sections.

Now, you can place anywhere in that code for embedding that form. In most cases, we create a new page and in the WordPress default editor paste that code.

So as an example, we are going to create a new page called “Contact Us” and just paste the form shortcode and hit publish button. You are done! Your form is now ready to use.


So, hope you understand how to work “Contact Form 7” plugin and how to create an awesome contact form using that plugin. My final word, if you are finding the best and easy solution for creating any type of form on your WordPress site then this is the best plugin for you.

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