Marketers are required to manage multiple social media pages on all the major social media platforms. But executing marketing plans across so many platforms can be a hassle.

What if you could use a platform that allows you to connect all of your social media accounts and pages in one unified dashboard? Also, provide you with actionable insights that you can apply to change your marketing strategy at the right time?

Would be awesome, but finding such a platform isn’t easy. Well, not anymore.

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In this article, let’s learn how you can boost conversion rates by applying marketing strategy to all of your social accounts with Konnect Insights.


What Are Konnect Insights?

Konnect Insights is a collaborative marketing platform that helps you plan and execute effective social media strategies.

It’s an alternative to Sprinklr and Social Bakers. Konnect Insights is best for marketing teams, brands, and agencies looking to build a stronger social media audience through one centralized tool.
With Konnect Insights you can schedule, preview, and publish posts across multiple social media platforms.

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Analyze your social media performance and compare it to your competitors. Buff up your social media presence on a collaborative customer-centric platform.

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Konnect Insights Features

Konnect Insights comes packed with all the features you need to manage your social pages efficiently. Some of the features are described below-

Listening: Listening is vital for business growth. You must listen to your customer, learn what they are talking about you, and what they are talking about your competition as well. Keeping that in mind, Konnect Insights comes with Listening tools that allow you to learn about all those segments.

Social CRM: Managing customer relations is another vital aspect of business growth. With Social CRM tools, you can have effective conversations with the right team, measure your actions, even reduce turnaround times. Interact with your customer using Konnect Insights Social CRM, and make them happy.

Publishing: You must publish useful content to your social pages to make your audience engage with your pages. With Konnect Insights publishing tools, now you can schedule content. So that you never miss providing the resource your audience needs.

Analytics: Konnect Insights comes with BI tools. It constantly works to provide you with deep insights. So that you can take the necessary step fast. All of your social page analytic are in one unified dashboard.

You no longer have to jump through different browser tabs to analyze the analytics of different social pages.

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Konnect Insights Pricing

Start using Konnect Insights with three pricing plans, “Social Media Analytics and Management”, “Social Listening”, and an “All-in-one” plan.

The “Social Media Analytics and Management” plan starts from 29 USD per month with Social Media platform analytics, For Brand and Competition, Publishing and Scheduling, and more.

You can also get the more enhanced “All in one” plan with a custom plan. Or get Konnect Insights with a lifetime plan.


Konnect Insights Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

Engaging with unreceptive followers feels like you’re bombing a well-rehearsed standup routine. (“Okay, usually that joke about Crocs slays…is it getting hot up here?”)

Your social media presence should strengthen your brand, but it’s hard to build a strong community when you’re too busy juggling all those posts and numbers.

Konnect Insights does the heavy lifting with powerful social media management and advanced analytics tools that help you make connections that matter.

Get lifetime access to Konnect Insights today!

One Time Purchase of $79.00 $1218.00

  • Social media platform analytics for brand and competition
  • Unlimited publishing and scheduling
  • Asset library
  • Approval and rejection feature
  • Analytics for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn company page, Google Ads, Facebook ads, and Google Analytics
  • Facebook Page Insights
  • Facebook comparison
  • Twitter comparison
  • Roles and permissions
  • 2 users
  • 7 social profiles
  • 2 dynamic dashboards

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Konnect Insights Deal Review (Conclusion)

Social media marketing is an important component of any successful marketing strategy. Even if you’re already using social channels, there are many ways to improve your ROI with Konnect Insights.

This collaborative platform can help you find and engage with relevant audiences on a more targeted level than ever before while also helping you plan out the most effective content for each channel.

Why wait? Grab your appsumo lifetime deal now!

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Most of these deals will be sold out within one week of their launch on AppSumo. So be sure to grab them while you can.

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