Do you want organic traffic from Google? Did you complete you’re all of the optimizations for SEO?
If not, then first deindex your website. Because, if your contents indexed on google it will be a bad side for ranking your content.
You should index your site when your website is fully optimized for SEO and you have to properly set up your XML sitemap before indexing.
Most of the bloggers do not know the basic terms for indexing the website. They just install WordPress and then connect with the Google Webmaster Tool. But, they do not know it’s a wrong process.
Check out the video below first to learn how to deindex your site-

So, now your website is deindexed and google and other search engines are unable to index your site. If you don’t know what you should do after installing WordPress then check out this video and learn 10 vital things to do after installation.
Listen, after doing all of the essential works you should re-active the index option and connect your site with Google Webmaster.

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